Metal notcher refurbishment

A very handy tool for every workshop. This heavy duty notcher has been in my possession for a while. Now I've finally found he time to clean it up and restore it to its former glory.

This cutter has been of a lot of use to me. It cuts almost anything, 2 mm aluminum, steel, print circuit board, you name it. It was however old and rusted. Some of the moving parts had too much room to create a clean cut. Good industrial tools are hard to find and very expensive, that is why I decided to fix this thing up.

While I was disassembling the device I found out that many bolts were not firmly tightened, also the cast iron bed had cracked. I figured that this was the reason that the whole thing is mounted on a solid 45mm steel sheet. This does however make it very heavy. I had to put wheels underneath it to maneuver it in my workshop.

The hardened teeth of the cutter were also a bit chipped. It takes a very long time to sand just a small layer off. I could not flip them because of the asymmetrical mounting holes.

I have to say that I am very pleased with the end result. After positioning the teeth correctly with a thigh tolerance it now cuts very well. The dark green Hammerite paint also works its magic.

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