Transparent Mini DC TeslaCoil

A small TeslaCoil fully made of acrylic plastic. The cool thing about this is that every part is transparent. This coil is driven by the power supply of my large DC Teslacoil. Total height 44cm, max output voltage +- 380.000 Volts (57cm arc length).

The rotary spark gap is placed underneath the coil, so the light will reflect in the base of the coil. As you might notice, there is no earth strike ring above the primary coil. I did not make it because I thought it simply wasn’t necessary, lets jus say the results outperformed my expectations.


Top load:

Steel sphere 120mm diameter chromed
Capacity 13,466 pF

Secondary coil:

50mm acrylic tube
0,24mm wire
1000 turns
157.1 m wire length
9373,83 uH inductivity
3,715pF self capacitance
¼λ  frequency = 477,1 kHz
Resonance frequency = 396,6 kHz

Primary coil:

15,5 uH inductivity
3,0 mm copper wire
10 turns at 20 degrees angle
15mm clearance to secondary

Tank capacitor:

10,4 nF ideal
10,0 nF 30kV used
Capacitor type: 40x polypropylene pulse capacitors 100nF 1500V
Composed capacitor, made out of 2 strings parallel with 20 in series


57cm arc to ground
Approximately 380kV (Using the KEMA table, impulse voltage, spike to spike)

Power supply (same as the Rijswijk DC Teslacoil, except for the number of capacitors):

+6 and -6 kVDC (12kV total) (Voltage doubler)
2.2kVA 4800V transformer
1200W usage with coil on max power
35H choke coil

Schematics and equations:

Construction pictures:

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