High frequency healing device (1930)

A refurbishing project. I got this ancient high frequency healing device from my father. It originates from around 1930, and it operates with some kind of induction coil.

Pretty funny how they used to think that electric shocks would be good for you, and that the inhalation of large quantities of ozone would be healthy?

Keep in mind that they didn't had access to the grid for a long time, it was all new to them.

Naturally I find this a great device, not because its effects would be "healing", but simply because its high voltage and there are sparks coming off. It is fairly safe to assume that this device does NOT have any healing properties, and when I think about where you should put the electrodes, I am pretty happy about that....

It is the Vioray H6422.

This device works with some kind of electrodes consisting of glass tubes filled with different types of gas. There was also a copy of a leaflet with all the different electrodes that they sold in this particular shop. Prices in guilders.

Link leaflet electrodes


These are my electrodes:



Most electrodes should go at very odd places, some at your eyes, others in holes and crevices which I can not mention here, partly because I won't be able to access my own site anymore (due to the filter). I made sure to clean and disinfect the electrodes thoroughly, and I'm (obviously) not going to use them in the manner they were intended. At most, only to zap my fingers:



Fortunately there are also a number of 'normal' electrodes.  As you might notice, I use my ring to touch the high voltage. By holding a metal piece you increase the skin surface where the discharge continues, this lowers the resistance and divides the discharge over multiple nerve endings. This is significantly less agitating for the skin.


One of the electrodes is a steel pipe, even at the lowest setting it is very painful to touch. There was also a copy of a guide and explanation for this device, and a newspaper article which claimed that it would be good for you, all in Old Dutch:


Link guide high frequency healing device


Link newspaper article high frequency healing device


The schematic, as far as I was able to determine:


I can not get the handle open without damaging it, transformer oil and tar-like stuff is everywhere between the components. Eventually I hadn't very much work on the refurbishment, it was mostly cleaning. The most work was cleaning the transformer oil leaked from the handle, it was everywhere and very sticky.

Some pictures of the inside of the device:

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