Small koi pond

This is my koi pond project. I wanted to keep a few fish in my yard, but the landlord does not allow dug ponds. My solution: make the pond above ground.

The pond is completely insulated with 10mm styrofoam to protect it from freezing during winter. It is lined with 0.5mm PVC foil, which makes it easy to glue other PVC stuff to it. It holds a total of about 2400L water. The outer dimensions are about 125 x 400 x 75 cm. Also check out the koi pond filter that goes with it.

The wood was part of an old shed. I actually made a solidworks model to make sure I had enough wood.

Always leave some room for the wood to expand! I had to make a few repairs later on because I made it too tight. Also, the perfect glue for styrofoam is hotglue. I bought some special fancy styrofoam glue but it just dissolved it.

The perfect way to secure the PVC liner is using the v-shape in the wood of the top planks. Put the liner over the gap and just punch in a piece of wood. Some construction photos:

I also had to protect the pond against cat's and birds. I learned this the hard way. Watch the movie on the top to find out why.

When the pond was finished I realized that it was so heavy that it had to have a proper support. I then decided that the rest of the yard could also use a facelift. See the top photos for the end result.

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